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Disney Makes Green Commitments


As part of its 2008 Corporate Responsibility Report, the Walt Disney Company announced on Monday ambitious goals to minimize waste and greenhouse gas emissions in the operations of its parks, resorts, and businesses with the long term goals of reducing both waste and direct greenhouse gas emissions to zero.

In addition to waste and GHG emissions, the company will also focus on minimizing water and ecosystem impacts.

“While Disney has always been a leader in environmental stewardship, we are taking ambitious steps to help preserve our planet for future generations.”
– Disney Senior Executive Vice President and CFO Thomas O. Staggs

The report included Disney’s first Greenhouse Gas emissions inventory and noted the company’s Medium Term Goals as follows:

  • For direct emissions from fuels: by 2012, Disney seeks to achieve 50% of its long-term goal (of reducing emissions to zero) through a combination of reductions, efficiencies and offsets.
  • For electricity consumption: by 2013, Disney seeks to reduce electricity consumption by 10% compared to 2006 baseline in existing assets.
  • Disney will develop a plan to aggressively pursue renewable sources of electricity to reduce emissions from electricity.

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