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New Mexico Looking to Exploit Sunny Days for Solar Energy

El Paso Electric has reached an agreement to purchase all of the 92 megawatts (MW) of power to be produced by a new solar energy farm being constructed in southern New Mexico in a joint effort between NRG Energy, a national energy provider, and eSolar, an energy company specializing in the production of solar thermal … Continue reading

Participate in Earth Hour 2009

Tonight, at 8:30 PM local time, wherever you are on the planet, you are encouraged to participate in “Earth Hour 2009“. For one hour, turn off all unnecessary lights to “VOTE EARTH” and join with like-minded individuals around the world in recognizing the need for action on climate change. Even if you do not believe … Continue reading

Shell Backs Off Solar, Wind, Hydrogen

In response to declines in global prices and the economic recession, oil giant Royal Dutch Shell announced this past Tuesday it is backing away from alternative energy investments in solar, wind, and hydrogen energy sources in favor of further development of oil and gas as part of its future strategic direction. Its renewable energy focus … Continue reading

Gap, eBay, and Symantec Join Enviromental Business Group

Gap, eBay, and Symantec announced today that they are joining BICEP, a coalition of businesses that acknowledges the widespread impacts of climate change and seeks to provide business perspective and cooperation with key members of the business community and members of Congress on environmental policy issues. The Business for Innovative Climate & Energy Policy (BICEP) … Continue reading

Solar Power Planned for Sunshine State

Tampa Electric, an electric utility based in central Florida, announced on Monday an agreement to purchase solar power from Energy 5.0’s Florida Solar I facility, a proposed 25-megawatt (MW) solar photovoltaic (PV) electric generating station, for a 25-year period beginning in 2011. The new solar power facility is slated to be built on a 200 … Continue reading

Disney Makes Green Commitments

As part of its 2008 Corporate Responsibility Report, the Walt Disney Company announced on Monday ambitious goals to minimize waste and greenhouse gas emissions in the operations of its parks, resorts, and businesses with the long term goals of reducing both waste and direct greenhouse gas emissions to zero. In addition to waste and GHG … Continue reading

Corporate Climate Change Successes and Failures

Nonprofit organization, Climate Counts, released its report card of sixty different companies across multiple industries on their actions to address climate change. Of the sixty examined, twenty six received passing grades, with the technology industry achieving the most success. Notable successes were Nike, Starbucks, The Coca-Cola Co., IBM, Anheuser-Busch, Google, and the U.S. Postal Service. … Continue reading



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The Consensus

173 professional scientific organizations (and counting) around the world acknowledge the global impact of rising emissions of greenhouse gases from human activities

The Indicators

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