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National Research Council: Prompt and Sustained Commitment Needed

U.S. NRC Panel Discusses Limiting Future Climate Change The principal conclusion of our report is that the country needs both a prompt and a sustained national commitment to reducing greenhouse gas emissions. – Robert W. Fri, Chair of the Panel on Limiting the Magnitude of Future Climate Change The National Academies of the United States … Continue reading


Environmental Headlines, Week of July 17, 2010

The continued impacts and actions revolving around the BP oil spill continued to command the majority of headlines this week with BP becoming cautiously optimistic after finally capping the leak that has spilled tens of millions of gallons of oil over the last 4 1/2 months since its Deepwater Horizon rig exploded in the Gulf … Continue reading

TVA Ignored Warnings, Treated Coal Ash as ‘Garbage’

In late December of 2008 the Tennessee Valley Authority‚Äôs Kingston Fossil Plant in Roane County, Tennessee, experienced the largest coal ash disaster in U.S. history. The retaining reservoir collapse, which received little attention in the way of national media coverage, released 5.4 million cubic yards of toxic sludge that fouled more than 300 acres of … Continue reading

The Myth of Clean Coal

The June 2009 issue of GQ has an article about the largest coal ash disaster in U.S. history, a release of toxic coal byproduct in Roane County, Tennessee, from the Tennessee Valley Authority’s Kingston Fossil Plant on December 22, 2008. The flash flood released 5.4 million cubic yards of thick gray sludge that buried over … Continue reading



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The Consensus

173 professional scientific organizations (and counting) around the world acknowledge the global impact of rising emissions of greenhouse gases from human activities

The Indicators

Climate Change Indicators Climate Change Indicators NASA GISS - Global Annual Mean Surface Air Temperature ChangeGlobal Temperature Sea level change from 1993 to the present day Global Sea Level Northern Hemisphere Sea Ice Anomaly, 1979-Present Arctic Ice Melt Glacial Retreat, 1980-2010 Glacial Retreat Atmospheric CO2 Concentrations, Mauna Loa Atmospheric CO2 Level