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Arctic Sea Ice Watch (Sep 4): 3.56 mil sq km (Previous record low for this date was 4.44 mil sq km)

For September 4, 2012

Current Arctic sea ice extent: 3.56 million sq km (1.37 million sq miles)

Previous record low for this date (Sep 4, 2007): 4.44 million sq km (1.71 million sq miles)

The 1979-2000 average for this date is just under 7 million sq km (2.7 million sq miles).

Arctic sea ice volume also continues its rapid decline.

Arctic Sea Ice Trends - Sep 4, 2012

Arctic sea ice trends, Sep 4, 2012 (Source: National Snow and Ice Data Center (NSIDC))

Arctic Sea Ice Map - Sep 4, 2012

Arctic sea ice extent compared to 1979-2000 average. Outline of state of Texas added for scale comparison. (Source: NSIDC)

Arctic Sea Ice Volume Trend - Last day included July-30-2012

Arctic sea ice volume, 1979 – 2012, Polar Science Center, University of Washington



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