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Physics Society Quietly Reaffirms Climate Change Policy Stance

American Physical Society Reaffirms That Human Activities Affect Earth’s Climate. There is a substantial body of peer reviewed scientific research to support the technical aspects of the 2007 APS statement….Greenhouse gas emissions are changing the Earth’s energy balance on a planetary scale in ways that affect the climate over long periods of time (~100 years)….While … Continue reading

A Closer Look: The Climate Change Debate

Why won’t scientists debate the issue of climate change? There is a problem with debates. It’s called sweat. Vice President Richard Nixon lost the first ever televised Presidential debate to his opponent, Senator John F. Kennedy. At least that’s the conclusion the television audience reached, and it very well may have cost Nixon the Presidency.

Climber Accused of Triggering Avalanche on Trial

The criminal trial of mountain climber Michael Joseph began yesterday in a courtroom in downtown Denver, Colorado. Joseph, a lifetime resident of Colarado, is accused of triggering an avalanche this past January by detonating a stick of dynamite after ascending Mt. Evans just outside of Denver. Members of a nearby climbing party witnessed Joseph extracting … Continue reading

Categorical Denial: Schools of Skepticism

One of the initial challenges encountered when attempting to discuss anthropogenic climate change with an individual skeptical of the theory is first discerning to which school of skeptical thought the individual subscribes. The difficulty of this task is exacerbated by an innate willingness of skeptics to switch between schools as convenience dictates. Some of the … Continue reading

Taking a Closer Look at 31,000 Global Warming Deniers

Moreover, why are the opinions of scientists sought regardless of their field of expertise? Biologists and physicians are rarely asked to endorse some theory in high energy physics. Apparently, when one comes to “global warming,” any scientist’s agreement will do. The answer almost certainly lies in politics. Dr. Richard S. Lindzen, M.I.T. Alfred P. Sloan … Continue reading

Attacking the Consensus on Climate Change

Science is not by popular vote. It is a refrain heard often in debates concerning climate change. A charge levied at supporters of the theory of anthropogenic global warming when the existence of a scientific “consensus” creeps into the discussion. The implication being that a simple survey was distributed to scientists with but a single … Continue reading



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The Consensus

173 professional scientific organizations (and counting) around the world acknowledge the global impact of rising emissions of greenhouse gases from human activities

The Indicators

Climate Change Indicators Climate Change Indicators NASA GISS - Global Annual Mean Surface Air Temperature ChangeGlobal Temperature Sea level change from 1993 to the present day Global Sea Level Northern Hemisphere Sea Ice Anomaly, 1979-Present Arctic Ice Melt Glacial Retreat, 1980-2010 Glacial Retreat Atmospheric CO2 Concentrations, Mauna Loa Atmospheric CO2 Level