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Did You Know? – Volcanic Emissions of Carbon Dioxide

Human activities release more than 100 times the amount of carbon dioxide released by all of the Earth’s volcanoes each year.

Aid Haitian Earthquake Victims

Image credit: Ivanoh Demers/AP The devastating earthquake and its aftershocks that have hit the island nation of Haiti have left thousands dead and tens of thousands more in need of desperate aid. Please take a moment to provide whatever aid you can, even if it is simple prayer. Links are provided below for monetary donations. … Continue reading

Happy Independence Day

Two hundred and thirty two years ago, fifty six men declared the formation of a new nation based on individual freedoms and an opposition to tyranny. Today we celebrate the anniversary of that declaration in a nation more populous and more prosperous in every sense of the word than the founding fathers could have ever … Continue reading

A Day to Remember

On December 4, 2006, Pfc. Ross A. McGinnis sacrificed his life to protect the lives of his fellow soldiers by throwing himself on top of a grenade that had been tossed into his armored vehicle during a patrol. He was 19 years old. Pfc. McGinnis was given the rank of Specialist posthumously, and on June … Continue reading



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The Consensus

173 professional scientific organizations (and counting) around the world acknowledge the global impact of rising emissions of greenhouse gases from human activities

The Indicators

Climate Change Indicators Climate Change Indicators NASA GISS - Global Annual Mean Surface Air Temperature ChangeGlobal Temperature Sea level change from 1993 to the present day Global Sea Level Northern Hemisphere Sea Ice Anomaly, 1979-Present Arctic Ice Melt Glacial Retreat, 1980-2010 Glacial Retreat Atmospheric CO2 Concentrations, Mauna Loa Atmospheric CO2 Level