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A Closer Look: Predictions of the 1970’s

In the 1970s, wasn’t the scientific community warning of a coming ice age? Actually, no. While some scientific studies published during that time were concerned about a possible cooling trend, to which some news outlets such as Newsweek latched based on the cooler temperatures of the period, a recent review of the published scientific literature … Continue reading

No Warming Since 1998 – Old Claim Given New Life

A recent article by the BBC has given new life to an old myth. The article references conclusions from the UN’s World Meteorlogical Organization that the La Nina conditions responsible for a colder winter will continue through a large portion of the year, resulting in cooler temperatures. This conclusion along with a convenient timeframe has … Continue reading

So Much for the “Global Cooling” Consensus

How often have you heard a skeptic of man-made global warming dismiss current scientific conclusions regarding climate change by referencing a supposed consensus in the 1970s that the Earth was experiencing “global cooling”. The argument generally goes something like… “Thirty years ago, they were telling us we were going to freeze. Now they’re telling us … Continue reading



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The Consensus

173 professional scientific organizations (and counting) around the world acknowledge the global impact of rising emissions of greenhouse gases from human activities

The Indicators

Climate Change Indicators Climate Change Indicators NASA GISS - Global Annual Mean Surface Air Temperature ChangeGlobal Temperature Sea level change from 1993 to the present day Global Sea Level Northern Hemisphere Sea Ice Anomaly, 1979-Present Arctic Ice Melt Glacial Retreat, 1980-2010 Glacial Retreat Atmospheric CO2 Concentrations, Mauna Loa Atmospheric CO2 Level